sábado, 12 de febrero de 2011

1983/11/08 Milan

Calidad: Audience C

Source: audience. ntsc vhs
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jlsicot dijo...

Hola! Thanx for this new link, thanx also for your re-uploads (Montreux & Easthampton). I've something to ask (again...): KCRW 2002 part 2 link is dead...if you have some free time...but take your time!!! Thanx for the past, the present & the future uploads!!! Very happy to watch a video from 1983 (it's downloading at the moment so i don't know the quality...) because i missed their concert in Poitiers (france) earlier that same year (300kms from my home)a short video is on 'YouTube' ...I first listened to S.Y. because i am a Lydia Lunch fan since the early 80's. J.Louis.

jlsicot dijo...

Sorry it's me again just to say (but you probably already know that) there is an 'austin city limits' 25minutes concert (don't know if it's the complete broadcast) available since january as a 'torrent' (by example on 'pirate bay'). J.Louis.